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Vera Cruz 2004


Jeremy R. Hood

Mechanical and electrical systems

Boat Provisioning

Crew Management and safety procedures

Looking after Your Boat

Mechanical and electrical systems

Main Engine provides:

Function Back-up system

  • Propulsion Sails
  • Battery charging (alternator) Generator, wind gen, solar, gas generator
  • Hot water Generator, solar bag
  • Refrigeration? ?

Typical Engine problems:

  • Fuel system: Dirt and debris in the tank; Fuel tank leaks
  • Air in fuel
  • Overheating

Engine spares:

  • Raw water pump impellor
  • Belts
  • Fuel /oil filters
  • Hoses and hose clamps
  • Alternator?
  • Spare fuel

By fitting your new spares before you leave you will:

  • Ensure the spare fits
  • Know what tools are needed
  • Learn how to do it
  • Give your engine a new part which is less likely to fail

Steering system:

  • Check steering cable and cable clamps
  • Fit emergency tiller to ensure it really does fit
  • Ensure you have repair items aboard


  • Toilets and holding tanks
    • Make sure Y valves are set for overboard discharge
    • Fit head service kit and retain old parts as spares
  • Fresh water system
    • Ensure manual pump works
    • Stow emergency water

Electrical systems:

  • Batteries, battery charging
    • Check condition of batteries
    • Check charging operation (alternator and battery charger)
    • Fit separate starting battery
    • Have jump leads for emergency
  • Communications
    • Check radios for correct operation
    • Check antennas
    • Check how radios are connected to battery
    • Emergency antennas
  • Refrigeration
    • Check system for sustained use

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Boat Provisioning

  • Water
    • gallon per person / day for drinking
  • Drinks
    • 3-4 soft drinks per person / day
    • Hot drinks (coffee, tea, chocolate, soups)
  • Main meals
    • Pre-prepared meals
    • A la carte menu
    • Sandwiches
  • Snack food
    • Fruit: fresh and dried
    • Nuts / trail mix
    • Cookies and crackers

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Crew Management and safety procedures


  • Personal space for:
    • Them
    • Their stuff
  • Watch systems
  • Adequate berth
  • Crew training:
    • Sea-cock locations
    • Head use
    • Galley and stove safety
    • Location of safety gear

Safety procedures:

  • Accidents
    • Prevention
    • Coping with
  • Man over board
    • Safety harnesses and jack lines: how, when, where to use
    • MOB rescue
  • Fire
    • Prevention
    • Fire fighting
  • Sinking
    • Prevention and repair
    • Abandoning ship: Mayday, grab-bag,

Boat safety equipment:

  • Medical items to cope with:
    • Seasickness, sunburn
    • Cuts and lacerations
    • Broken bones
    • Infections and illness
    • Medical knowledge: ability to recognize sunstroke, hypothermia etc
    • Communications ability
  • Man over board
    • Flotation, mob pole (with light),
    • GPS man overboard button
    • Lifesling or similar for recovery
  • Fire
    • Fire extinguishers
    • Fire blanket for galley
    • Buckets
  • Abandoning ship
    • Liferaft
    • Grab-bag
    • Abandon ship responsibilities

Personal safety equipment:

  • Harness and tether
  • Good foul weather gear
  • Flashlight
  • Knife
  • Personal mob pack

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Looking after Your Boat

Be prepared for damage to occur

  • Ensure all bilge pumps work (including the manual pump
  • Carry good quality small buckets
  • Carry hull repair materials

Avoid continual

  • pounding of hull
  • slamming of hull
  • Shock loading on rig

We aware of:

  • Danger of damage to leeward side of vessel after broaching in big seas
  • Risk of damage when solid water hits the vessel (loss of hatches, deck gear etc)
  • Be prepared to look after your boat by:
  • Shortening sail early
  • Sailing more off the wind if necessary for the boat
  • Heaving-to (with correct procedures to look after your boat)

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