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Top 10 Reasons to buy your boat from a
HSH Yachts Broker

(no matter where it is for sale)

  1. Reputation for honesty and integrity
  2. Knowledgeable and experienced brokers
  3. Free after-the-sale classes, help and advice
  4. Friendly and helpful office staff
  5. No pressure selling
  6. Large choice of quality used boats for sale
  7. We specialize in brokerage sales; not new boat sales
  8. Itís FREE Ė no charge to a buyer
  9. Members of YBAA and GCYBA
  10. Our fantastic locations

1) Reputation for honesty and integrity

Donít just take our word for it. Ask around at the boatyards, marine surveyors, other boat owners. Even ask our competition!

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2) Knowledgeable and experienced brokers

We have REAL knowledge and experience and it makes a difference. From ocean passage-making to winning races; cruising in Thailand to storms in the English Channel; power and sail deliveries; Florida Keys, Mexico, the Texas coast, East coast, Bermuda, single-handing, double handing, the list goes onÖ If you want to know whatís involved then we can tell you from our own real first-hand experience.

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3) Free after-the-sale classes, help and advice

We want all our customers to enjoy their boating as much as we do. Thatís why we offer free classroom instruction to all our buyers. But it doesnít stop there: we try to offer help, advice and support for as long as you need it!

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4) Friendly and helpful office staff

Just try calling us (toll free 1 - 877 474 7502 if you want to) and see if itís true!

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5) No pressure selling

We are here for the long passage, not for a one-trip summer. We would love to help you find the right boat for you and your family, but our reputation is worth more than one quick sale. If you are ready to buy, then we are ready to help you now. But if you are just beginning your search and want to see boats here on our dock then be our guest.

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6) Large choice of quality used boats for sale

We may not have the largest number of boats for sale but thatís because, unlike others, we do not accept all boats that owners want to list with us. We want the quality of our company and our reputation to be reflected in the vessels we offer for sale. Come on down and see what we mean!

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7) We specialize in brokerage sales rather than new boat sales

Though we do sell a few new boats each year, our primary business is in selling brokerage vessels. We wonít try and sell you a new boat when a well-equipped and maintained used boat is a better choice for you.

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8) Itís FREE Ė no charge to a buyer

There is no charge to our buyers. Your HSH broker can help you purchase one of the boats we have listed or any other boat that is for sale in the US or beyond. Ask us why you should use us!

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9) Members of YBAA and GCYBA

We are members of the Yacht Brokers Association of America and of The Gulf Coast Yacht Brokers Association. Two of the HSH team are past presidents of the GCYBA. We have regular contact with most established yacht brokerage companies in the US and have done business with many of them.

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10) Our fantastic location

We are located in the third largest boating region in the US, easily accessible from anywhere in the US. Our boats are available to see and to sea trial 12 months of the year. To cap it all, the area is so compact that you can see more boats here in a day than you can in a week in many places. And if you think we are exaggerating then come to visit us and see for yourself!

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